Up to 43% of children have experienced at least one traumatic event that could trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.

Therapeutic Foster Care

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Children and youth from all walks of life may need Therapeutic Foster Care home placements for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Severe emotional and/or behavioral problems
  • Multiple failed foster home placements
  • Bridging placements between hospitalization or residential treatment and a family home, or regular foster home placement
  • Emotional or mental disabilities.

The Therapeutic Foster Care program at Ozark Guidance provides children and youth with structured, consistent treatment in a clinic setting and in the home environment of specially trained, therapeutic foster parents.

Therapeutic Foster Parents are dedicated adults who are genuinely concerned about the well being of children and families. The are acutely aware of the crises, stresses and social problems that result in the abuse and neglect of children, or in the adolescent behaviors of truancy, running away, or unruliness. They are a vital part of an Ozark Guidance therapeutic treatment team.