Kids Helping Kids

Kids Helping Kids is a peer education program designed by Ozark Guidance to encourage youth to support each other. The program focuses on developing young leaders by teaching tools kids can use to support others. The program emphasizes decreasing bullying and anti-social behaviors while increasing peers helping one another when they are in trouble, encouraging good decision making, and pro-social activities. The five primary values of Kids Helping Kids are: stand up for others, help others if they are hurt, get help from adults, encourage good behaviors in others, and be a friend.

Schools identify students that they believe embody the Kids Helping Kids method and those that would benefit from the skills taught in Kids Helping Kids. Identified students participate in interactive training with Ozark Guidance staff members, reviewing the five values of the program and actively identifying ways they can support their peers. Students trained in Kids Helping Kids engage in peer leadership creating their own demonstrations of the five values to share with their classrooms or entire schools, in order to influence positive development of pro-social skills in their peers. Each child that participates in the Kids Helping Kids receives a t-shirt as recognition of their accomplishment and ongoing efforts to lead through example.

For more information about Kids Helping Kids contact

Jennifer Coldiron, LCSW
School Based Liaison Manager
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