About Therapeutic Foster Parenting

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Therapeutic Foster Care Children May Have

Emotional Considerations:  Separation from one's home, family, and friends is traumatic.  Therapeutic Foster Parents can help ease the hurtand pain that separation can cause.

Behavioral Considerations:  Reactions to separation vary.  Some children withdraw, others act out at home, school, or in the community.  Therapeutic Foster Parents help them cope with the hurt, anger, and grief.

Special Needs Considerations:  Some children and youth bring some special needs with them into foster care placements--specific medical, emotional, or physical needs, pregnancy, or other brothers and sisters needing a sibling group placement.  To help Therapeutic Foster Parents cope, they will receive special training and 24-hour support services from the rest of the treatment team.

Therapeutic Foster Parents are trained to understand these issues, and choose to become treatment families for these children in need.  They provide specialized treatment and focused care, becoming a vital part of an Ozark Guidance therapeutic treatment team.

The basic requirements for becoming a foster parent generally include that you:

  • Are at least 21 years of age, and if married, you have been married for at least 2 years
  • Are in good physical and emotional health
  • Meet the state and local requirements for housing safety, space, and equipment
  • Have specialized skills, positive attitude, and stamina to effectively deal with the many behaviors and feelings displayed by children
  • Have a non-punitive attitude and can demonstrate some level of acceptance toward the parents of the children
  • Can work cooperatively with the treatment team of professionals, the state agency, and the courts
  • Are accepting of the temporary nature of foster care and can help a child transition back to his family or move on to a permanent or adoptive placement

Some facts to consider:

  • Therapeutic Foster Parenting is a commitment to help a child and family through a specifically difficult period by providing consideration, understanding, and therapeutic guidance to the child
  • Foster parents are matched with an appropriate child for them and for meeting the specific needs of the child
  • Foster parents do receive financial support--a monthly reimbursement to cover room, board, and clothing expenses, plus cover the specific needs of the child, plus coverage for medical and dental expenses

If you are interested in exploring Therapeutic Foster Parenting please contact Ozark Guidance
Kristen Lehner, Program Director 479.725.5124