November 25, 2013

Why, hello there!

To many, I probably look like a pair of ordinary shoes. And, by looking at me, you probably have no idea about my past or where I’ve come from. I could have been purchased at a high-end department store, or maybe I was picked up at a mass retailer. My days could have been spent on a fun-spirited businesswoman’s feet, or my nights could have been spent at a prom. Regardless of my past, my future is to be a part of the fourth annual Walk a Mile in My Shoes…Sale hosted by Ozark Guidance on Friday, January 24 from 2-6 p.m. or Saturday, January 25 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. inside Arvest Ballpark. My previous owner has, in fact, donated me to this sale because she knows I have many miles left in my soles and will make another woman’s feet very happy.

When you pick me up at the sale, though, think about this: just as you have no way of knowing what happened in my past or where I came from, you probably have no way of knowing if those around you are battling with mental illness or chronic stress. They may look perfectly polished on the outside and yet face a difficult battle on the inside. Thanks to Ozark Guidance, people in these situations can seek the help and resources they need to address these issues and overcome them. By purchasing me at the event on January 24 or 25, you are directly supporting their efforts.

So, on behalf of my previous owner and myself, thank you. Thank you for supporting Ozark Guidance and for being a champion for mental health. Thank you for being kind to those whose situations you may not be aware of or understand. And thank you for giving me a second chance to make someone happy. For more information, about Walk a Mile in My Shoes… Sale or mental health services provided by Ozark Guidance please visit our website at or call 479-750-2020.

by Jennifer Holland, auxiliary member