Outdoor Discovery Center

Ozark Guidance serves children and teens who need a place to heal, grow, learn, and succeed.  Our programs help students overcome obstacles and return to the traditional public school setting.  Playtime serves as a vital part of the therapeutic process.  The Outdoor Discovery Center at Ozark Guidance will merge the physical, mental, and emotional aspects for children and take the classroom experience outside.  It's a safe environment for kids to play, interact, build confidence, and learn in different ways.

  • Pavillion:  takes classroom learning, arts, yoga and more outside
  • Nature Trail:  Encourages exploration, collaboration and appreciation of all that surrounds us
  • Basketball Court:  fosters teamwork, fine motor skill development and a few slam dunks
  • Buddy Bench:  offers a safe place to make a new friend
  • Frisbee Golf:  provides space to let loose and see how far you can wing it
  • Playground:  inspires imaginative play and interaction
  • Exercise Pad:  excites and energizes through physical activity
  • Picnic Tables:  creates a gathering spot for social growth and interaction

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For more information contact Steven Hinds at 479-725-5314