Untreated and mistreated mental illness costs the United States. $105 billion in lost productivity each year, and U.S. businesses foot up to $44 billion of the bill. (BMJ, 1998; NMHA, 2001)

Training & Development

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Guidance University

Creating a highly productive workforce invariably involves bringing life-long learning about “soft-skills’” to the employees. Guidance University offers a wide array of training programs to assist in building great employees and fostering outstanding company culture.

  • Emotional Intelligence – Leading with EQ
  • Sail to the Isle of Tranquility- Stress management
  • Who Moved the Cheese™ - Change management
  • Calm Wind™  - Effective, nonviolent communications
  • One Minute Manager™ - A best seller!
  • Conflict Resolution – Interest-based resolution strategies
  • Title VII training – Overview on discrimination in the workplace
  • Reversity™ - Reversing prejudice
  • M.E.E.T. on Common Ground™ – building a respectful workplace